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Our commitment to better technology every step of the way.

At Realty One Group Bold, we understand the most exciting word in human society - free. That's why we provide many services to our agents without additional charges. With ROG's overwhelming presence in the Real Estate technology market, our agents are able to stay hyper competitive with the assistance of many advanced and proprietary technologies. 

And what protects our agents place among competing brokers? Realty One Group strives to be the number ONE provider of real estate innovation by always moving to the next big thing. If an app becomes obsolete or malfunctioning, you can be rest assured that your monthly fee does not go to its continuation.


Connecting In The People Business 

- Made That Much Easier

Take a look at our #ONE resources.

Belows are some of the major tools used by all Realty One Group Bold Agents. Easy to utilise, simple to understand, and extraordinary when used - the Realty One Group Toolkit is the centerpiece of our technological offerings. 

Only Log In ONEce.

Reach all of your Realty One Group branded tools without the Usernames and Passwords. Using our login system powered by OneLogin, you can reach every part of your toolkit from the push of a button. Using the OneLogin plugin you won't have to even type in a URL code - just click and go!

Your dashboard, CRM, and business management all rolled up into ONE.

With ONEsuite, you can exponentially develop your business into a profitable commission maker. With an integrated CRM system, you can utilise client profiles across applications (meaning less time devoted to the tedious tasks, and more time to giving your client a positive experience). Through ONEsuite, you can access many apps and tools from the click of a button. And an integrated website builder makes it that much sweeter!

Say hello to our proprietary real estate excellency program.

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Our Official ONEpartner Navigation Tool

Connect Your Clients to Their Dream Home

Endlessly Create with Our Proprietary App

ONE Marketplace houses our numerous official partners, both at the international and office levels. Take advantage of exclusive deals, make meaningful connections, and revolutionize your revenue stream.

With ONE Design - Creative Studio, you can bring your marketing ideas to life with state of the art technology, an easy to understand user interface, and right-to-your-door printing and delivery!

Our ONE App by HomeSpotter is your clients new go-to resource for listing information. Ditch your old search engine for our shining example of what a real estate app should be. Available on all devices, and branded to you.

ONEzone is your all in one business dashboard. 

Using ONEzone, you can access tons of important information like the brokerage's upcoming events, closings leaderboards, brokerage information, contact sheets, ROG stats, important news, and celebratory milestones! In addition to organising these features, ONEzone also allows you to set monthly, quarterly, and yearly commission/closing goals. This system is a great opportunity for you to become more accountable to your business, clients, and fellow brokers. 

Contract management through zONE, powered by:

Manage all of your transactions without even having to sign in! Utilising ONElogin, you can access our Skyslope system directly from ONEzone with the push of a button. All of your transaction stats then will be constantly updated from NWMLS by ONEzone's IDX feed integration. 

We understand that with great power comes great responsibility.

That's why Realty One Group has an amazing 24/7 support staff there to help you through it. In the fast moving world of real estate, we understand that time is extremely important. That is why ONEsupport has a 24 hour response time GUARANTEED. So, kick back, relax, and know that not technological difficulty is the end of the world when you are a broker with Realty One Group Bold. 

Need help with marketing, your CRM, accounting, or just looking for a chat? ONEsupport is alway there to point you in the right direction for any topic you may think of. An added bonus: you can reach them through every major ROG Platform!

How can we guarantee that Realty One Group Bold will never go out of date?

Realty One Group has an in-house group of designers, data analysts, and programmers who tirelessly work to innovate and develop new Realty One Group content. In addition to their amazing work which helps the company to daily move forward, [Cube8] also regulate and flush out the currently used technologies so that we know when it's time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new! 

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