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At Realty One Group Bold, we believe that you can always be a better agent. 

That's why we heavily invest into training software and space to make you the most successful and renowned real estate brokers out there! In fact 38% of our main office space is strictly devoted to training, with state of the art software integrated to give our brokers the best learning experience possible. And with constant emails about how to be better agents, lessons in how to review market statistics, and 1-on-1 meetings to advance your real estate goals - Realty One Group bold is where you can get the most out of your education and career!


A world class lesson plan, amazing accountability system, and proprietary learning software.

Our advanced lesson plan will make you go "WOW!" when you see what it does for your business.

Through the REV-UP program, you can take your level of business from zero to ONE hundred! With a bottom up approach to learning, we focus on the fundamental skills of being a successful real estate broker, and then develop them into being extraordinary attributes in supporting the needs of your clients. Constantly being innovative, our approach to learning is applicable to anyone - new to business or 20+ years in the game. We are proud to offer such a comprehensive program, and would be thrilled to see you in our training center!

Meet your Real Estate Mentor,

PMB - Tracie Choate

Say hello to our proprietary learning software - ONE.U

Our software comes with a built-in calendar, social platform, video library, lesson formats, and a communication platform for team work. One of the best programs in ONE.U, is the mentor sinc, which allows our Realty One Group Bold mentors to monitor and assign lesson plans and informational videos/assignments to our brokers. This way, we can help you stay accountable and help build your real estate successes. 

Vast library of informational videos and lessons.

With our numerous programs, we can provide lesson plans to fit the level of agent you are. Whether that is new to the industry, surviving to thriving, or top producers/teams - there is always something for you in ONE.U. With topics ranging from social media planning to time management and tax calculations to listing appointments; you can be sure to find the information you need for any occasion. 

We believe in our software so much that no matter where you are or what brokerage you are with, try ONE.U for free! You won't be sorry.