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We Love the South Puget Sound  and its Local Communities!

Our brokerage is located in the heart of Thurston county, supporting brokers with a vast service area that encompasses many different communities - each with specific needs, backgrounds, and charm. We understand just how important the small businesses, farms, local institutions, and associations are to the livelihoods of those living and serving in the South Puget Sound area. That is why Realty One Group Bold works tirelessly to support and endorse local organizations and individuals that uplift communities.


Our business is in supporting small, local businesses (AKA You). That's why we make sure to invest in the community you live in.

Our 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to give back to the communities that made us.

Local isn't the only thing we care about...

...Realty One Group takes on planet sized problems.

Our Mission: Safe and Healthy Homes for EveryONE

Starting May 1st, 2023, Realty One Group Bold is officially partnering with Rebuilding Together Thurston County, who's prerogative is to end substandard living conditions for individuals of little means. With our partnership, we will help directly support military veteran, elderly, disabled, and low income families throughout Thurston County and it's surrounding areas. 

Commission Based Donations?

We know that you love to give back just as much as we do. That's why we made the process easy! Based on your prefered donation amount, our accounting team will take the designated amount from each of your commissions and donate it in your name!

Celebrate ONE Day - May 1st

Realty One Group gives back to local communities across the country annually on May 1st (the day of Realty One Group's founding). ROG Bold intends to continue this tradition right here in Thurston county and you could be a part of it!

Planted 1,900,000 trees by the end of 2022.

Realty One Group understands the impacts of climate change not just on endangered species and environments, but also to communities throughout the world.  

Fun Fact: It would take 1,025 trees to match the carbon emissions of the average American. That means to match your emissions, you would have to close 1,025 transactions or donate $1,025.

Helping mother Earth without the dirt.

You can also make fiscal donations at any time! Realty One Group makes it easy to give back and help our planet thrive!

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